Sell with Mitti Ke Rang - Onboarding Details

Sell with Mitti Ke Rang - Onboarding Details

Mitti Ke Rang a Venture working towards generating livelihood for women through its E-commerce platform.

Details about registration -

We have a system in place, which gives you access to uploading your products, managing the SKU, content, pictures of products, managing your orders, uploading the shipping slip, enabling integration with popular courier companies such as Ship rocket, Delivery etc.

GST Mandatory & FSSAI ( If any food products)

1) The eCommerce platform is only for women-owned businesses. If that is the case we can surely onboard the women entrepreneurs and products.

2) Shipping is entirely taken care of by the vendor, we do not have the warehouse system.

3) There is no charge for onboarding and no other costs.
You have to add 15% as a markup for Mitti Ke Rang the cost price which comprises of (Product Cost + Shipping + GST (if applicable))

4) We do not guarantee any sales, but we do share about the products on social media that help that particular venture and products to reach the max number of people. As we have 70+ women entrepreneurs and 500+ products so it will take time, so in the entire process we request little patience.

5) If the below is missing the products will not get approved and will be in the archive.

Quantity, product category, tags, SKU, dimensions, enough content so the buyer can make a decision of purchase, proper photographs, Price. FSSAI license for food-related products.

6) Shipping - After receiving the order, it should be shipped in 24 to 48 hours, if your product takes time to make or any challenge please mention that in the content of the products.

7) As per our cancellation policy, If the tracking is not updated within 24-48 hours then your order will automatically be cancelled from the system and money will be refunded to the customer.

8) Returns and Refunds- Mitti Ke Rang believes in customer satisfaction, In case customers return the product for any of the following reasons, the vendor will have to refund the money and arrange the pick up from the customer.


Product is damaged, the customer will share the photograph of the damaged product and the vendor will have to refund.

Product is delayed - we understand sometimes delivery can be delayed and so do our customers but if the delay is more than 14 days and the customer wants to cancel, the vendor will refund the amount.

Mitti Ke Rang will neither arrange to pick up nor pay for the pick-up. Vendors need to do that.

9) We will make the payments by the end of every month where you have to submit the invoice to Mitti Ke Rang. Pls, note that as per government rules and regulations we are not allowed to release the payments without an invoice. So, we will not be able to release the payments without Invoices.

GST & HSN Updating

1) Update GST in your dashboard. Please refer to the video.

HSN Code & Pricing Updating - Please refer to the video. Once you start uploading the products.

Link to onboard -

Once done Mehak Bansal will reach out through Whatsapp on the number you mentioned in the application.

Do let us know if any questions.
Whatsapp - 79827 82937
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