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1Organic A2 Vedic Bilona Ghee

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About the product :

To get ethical without milk harming is now a big challenge and you cant expect holistically Vedic pure healthy ghee from a cow who calf is not fed properly or male calf is abandon. we at 1 organic holds this point as our first dharma when manufacturing Vedic ghee for our consumers. 

We are at the heart of national forest where there are only heirloom humped gir, ken Katha cow with surya ketu veins whose milk has a 2 beta -casein resulting in highest health benefits. Cows are freely grazed 6-7 hours daily by their traditional cow herders where they eat forest herbs grown in the lap of mother nature. 

We at 1organic under the strict principal of nurturing gau Mata as per Ayurveda scriptures which has been practised by our ancestors with proven track records. Fortunately we are only brand in India to after 2 range of curd bilona ghee. Checkout our blogs for more info on it. When the righteous processes are followed. we are among those brands in India who are transparent about the making process of Vedic curd ghee.  

Our A2 ghee Bilona is made by the ancient Indian method which makes it ideal for your health and better than processed Ghee. Blessed with nutritive fatty acids, balanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratio and Conjugated linoleic acid, its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for a balanced.

Used Ingredients : Cow Milk.

Shelf Life: 09 Months from date of packing.

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Return & replacement:

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns or offer exchange on food items due to safety & hygiene purposes. 

However after three days on receipt of products if there are any complaints to notify immediately on customer care what’s app no +91 70303 98585, after opening the pics and video to share on what’s app ( after receipt in three days only ) refunds / replacement will be done on case to case basis. 

Please remember these are organic / natural products , these are without any pesticides, chemicals or any preservatives it requires appropriate care, suitable cool and dry place storage and surroundings. 

Post Covid for the reasons of safety and hygiene purposes any products returns are not possible.

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