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Superseed Bar (Pack of 10)

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Refresh your day with this wholesome nuts and seeds bar, anytime, anywhere! Bite into our SuperSeed Bar when you’re:

-      Low on Energy

-      Pressed on Time

-      Craving Something Sweet


Birth of the SuperSeed Bar

For so many years now, mothers have been placing bowls of dry fruits and nuts on the table, with kids only picking up their personal favourites...The same went on at our home too, until nutritionist mom Dt. Meena Jain came up with a special solution…

Knowing that we require the nutritional composition of all those dry fruits, nuts and seeds, she whipped up a recipe that fed us all those benefits in the perfect quantities. Several explorations later, this recipe was converted into a compact, travel-friendly form so that we could keep it handy whether at work or at play.

And that is how the super nutritious, super healthy, SuperSeed Bar was born!



A mix of dry fruit, nuts, crunchy seeds and crispy millet grain puffs, wrapped in the sweet taste of jaggery! You can munch onto this energy bar any time of the day, between meals, before and after meals or as a wonderful midnight snack as well!



- Improves health and quality of hair

- Helps with glowing skin

- Heals damaged hair and nails



- Improves hair growth and density

- Fights acne & aging

- Softens rough, dry skin

- Soothes the effects of dermatitis & irritation



- Helps with glowing skin

- Facilitates healing



- Helps repair damaged hair

- Fights acne and scarring

Ingredients - Seeds (45%) (Sesame seeds, Muskmelon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds), Nuts (25%) (Walnut, Almond, Cashew nuts, Groundnut), Jaggery, Millets puff (Jowar, Bajra, Ragi), Organic liquid jaggery. 

Shelf Life - 6 months

Allergies - Contains nuts and seeds

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